2 Super Smart Ideas For Design

  1. Have you seen these Smart Tiles before?

I’m so intrigued!

Smart Tiles claim they are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens (on backsplashes only, not in the showers) as well as being resistant to heat from stovetops. They are lightweight, easy-to handle, cut, and maintain. They can also be easily installed on a smooth surface in minutes.

Cristina from Fuji Files applied the subway-style tiles over her existing travertine tile floors:

She stated that they are often found in Wayfair sales, as well as at Lowe’s. She would recommend them if you’re looking for kitchen renovations on a tight budget, or if a renter is looking to make a permanent improvement to your home.

  1. Claire Brody used window coverings to make her living room more cohesive by combining different-sized windows.

What did she do? This woman is smart! She raised the curtain rods to the crown molding. Then she placed her window shades on their outside so they look identical in height and width. Floor-length (Ikea or floor-length) drapes can be a finishing touch that ties it all together.