7 Awesome Design Tips That Blown My Breath Away

Instagram has some of the best design-related photos. I thought I’d share a few here just in case you missed them or don’t have IG!

I gasped so hard when I saw this DIY chandelier over Olive and Ford on Olive & Ford’s feed.

It is an off-the shelf crystal chandelier from Home Depot and an orb of rusty, aged barrel straps. Isn’t this gorgeous?

I was also stunned at this image in Kate’s Twitter feed.

This fixture is made with jute twine. HULA HOOPS What cool is this! It’s so cool!

When the next picture appeared in my feed, I nearly lost it all.

Kristine from The Painted Hive posted this photo. Here’s another image she took of the piece on Instagram:

…and because she knows you’ll be curious to learn how she did this, here’s her how-to!

I also stared at Kristine’s next Insta photo for a long time.

So sweet, and wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a DESK AMP on the walls! #genius

I was shocked to see that the carrara-look counters were actually LAMINATE when I looked at Jess Wasserman’s caption. Boom! Boom!

I was shocked to discover that her stunning “wood” floors are laminate and also available at Lowes.

(I’ve been looking for flooring to fit Kevin’s parents’ needs, and Jess’s rave review convinced me that it’s the right choice. It’s called Handscraped Hickory. Swiftlock made it.

Farmhouse For Four wallpapered refrigerator pic