9 Inspiring Trash To Trash Projects

I’ve got flea market fever lately, y’all.

Kevin asked me earlier this month what I wanted for birthday. I suggested something sweet, or something I enjoyed reading, and an hour at Amy’s Antiques. When Kevin asked me what I wanted as a birthday present, I told him something sweet or something to read and a couple hours at Amy’s Antiques.

Lucky for me, and thanks my thoughtful hubby, June 5, brought with it a coconut-cream pie (my favorite!) I am pictured with the book (so inspirational! The flea market trip was postponed because of the busy week. I did manage to make some time today, and it was just as enjoyable to stroll around the market one week late. Amy Antiques was closed. Eastbrook was open, so I went to Eastbrook. If you’re on Instagram and want to view all the videos I shot while I was out and around, you can click my profile pic there (on Instagram).

In keeping with my flea market fever, today’s post will feature some incredible “trash-to-treasure” makeovers. They inspire me to make something new!

  1. Piano turned desk:

This is such a fun and creative way to give a piano new life!

  1. Turned palets into a kitchen island

This is definitely one my favorite palet projects.

  1. Floral mirror made from a regular mirror

Tissue paper never looked so good!

  1. This is how boring file cabinets can be turned into a file cabinet centre.

I can’t count how many file cabinets that were free or cheap I’ve found. They are fun to paint and you can add wood to it!

  1. 1. Old windows are now window art

What is it about the lettering on glasses? So charming!

  1. Shutters turn table:

There are so many great shutter project out there, but this one truly makes my heart smile!

  1. The suitcase is now a side table

This idea is amazing! Vintage suitcase and wooden tray-table make a beautiful bedside!

  1. The four-poster bed is made of house parts

I’m so glad you are my bed!

  1. Headboard is now a fence gate

This is such an idyllic place to travel through!

Do you have any upcycled items? Please share your stories with me!