Christmas Center Piece Easy And Quick

Thanksgiving break is in T minus 2 hour over here (squeeeeeeee! This video will not be shared, but I wanted it to show you the easy Christmas centerpiece that I created. It was my goal to create something that only I had. I love how it turned up! To see it all, just press play.

Isn’t this fun? Even though we’re not hosting a large family event this year, Katie has already had an amazing amount of fun decking out the halls. We hung these evergreen garlands above her staircase banister. They look so realistic and festive!

We are adding some tiny red bows to the room soon. The living area is also getting built-in cabinetry. I’ll be back soon with updated photos!

How To Paint Ceramic Floor Pile

Homegirl literally painted the cement tile look on her ceramic tiles. It’s so good!

It’s amazing how creative that is! Scrolling to the bottom, I found her comment. She stated that it has held up well and that she had only had to make a few minor repairs since painting/sealing in 2015.

I came across another post on her blog which showed how she continued the design into the mudroom.

Amazing! (My knees hurt when I think about actually painting it- ha!)

Secretary Hutch Management

Styling shelves and mantels is something I enjoy doing. Clearing out, cleaning up, and creating something new relaxes my spirit. Pat Conroy said, “Like folding chairs let out by pools.”

This is what I had fun doing the other night. A lot of glossy whites, and textural Browns. Feels great…for the moment.

Our Country Style Christmas Tree

I had a tree 2020 made me do it. I chose to be joyful. A country-style Christmas spirit was my goal and I used many things that felt homemade/homespun. Popcorn, braided and twisted wool garland, balls with yarn (completely equipped with knitting needles!) Stocking, gingerbread cookies (complete with knitting needles), stocking, embroidery hoops, stocking, gingerbread cookies, stocking, stocking, icicles pinecones snowflakes and many other little houses, barns churches, vehicles, and vehicles decorated with Christmas trees.

This theme brings me joy even though I don’t follow it every time. It’ll likely remain in the works until I take down the tree in February. I’ll link to affiliate and non-affiliate links to some of it here, in case you noticed something.

Candy Canes

Yarn Balls

  • Gingerbread Truck
  • Gingerbread Truck 2
  • Gingerbread Car
  • Red Glass Balls
  • Santa Claus Heads
  • Nice Embroidery Hoop

Plaid House

  • Red & W. Fabric Strip Balls
  • Extra-large Red Matte Balls

These are the only ones I have links to, so please excuse me if you found one not listed. I can tell that the soft snowflakes come from Target this winter, the cozy knit garland from Crate & Barrel and the cloches from Balsam Hill were also from last year. Ikea also sold the stars and white paper houses. Oh! And I ordered the faux popcorn garland from and I got the gold bead garland at Ikea this year. It costs $1.49 for 12 feet!

Target, HomeGoods, Ikea and Target are my favorites for gift boxes below the tree. Michaels offers the best selections in yarn, twine and ribbon. (All of mine were purchased on their website this year.

While we are on the subject of Christmas decorating: I love to listen Christmas music while trimming the trees. You can find my Spotify playlist here. It’s called The Lettered Christmas.

There are 44 songs in my collection. However, I keep adding to it every day. Mindy Smith’s “Santa Will Find You”, which is my latest favourite, is also one of my favorites. Have you ever heard it? It’s so delicious! Steevenson is currently obsessed with “Last Christmas,” a Wham song. He made cupcakes with me last night, and must have played it 15 times in a single session. I treasure the sound of his little voice singing any chorus.

I will be sharing our Christmas mantel with you and my Christmas secretary table with you later in the week or this weekend. It’s been fun to make those spaces feel festive again this month.

Let’s hear from you. Have you been bitten by this decorating bug too in the WEIRD YEAR? I get it. Not everyone is feeling up to the task. It’s been an uphill year for 2020. I wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season.