Fake Florists That Look Real

I don’t know the reaction of my master gardener mother who sells plants and flowers for a living, but flowers are essential to me. I share this because it is an affordable way to have flowers every day. I don’t know what my mother, a master gardener who sells plants and flowers for a living, thinks about this post. However, I do believe that flowers are necessary in every day life.

First, a fake flower stem is necessary. This was the faux flower stem I purchased (which I believe to be an Apple blossom) from Michaels during their Spring clearance sale for 99c.

This stem is my favourite for a few reasons.

1) The edges of the leaves should be “toothed”, and not smooth. Amazingly realistic.

2) The vein pattern of each leaf is extremely detailed. Super realistic.

3) The blossom petals are off-white and not bright white. #Realistic

4) The stamen (in center of each blossom) are fabric and not plastic. They’re not shiny but matte.

5) The color of the branches is a muddy brown and not warm chocolate brown as I see it so often. I love a branch that feels real and is both texture-wise and color-wise.

Next, you will need to find a vessel in which to place your stems/branches. Some people may have one in their home already, but it’s a good idea to get one. This cutie cost me less than $5.

It’s called Quick Water. It’s called Quick Water and I found it at Michaels. It was purchased at Michaels and is basically fake water that will hold your arrangement in its place…and look real.

After the mixture was in a separate plastic container, I poured it into a vase. To hold my stem (which I actually divided into two), I used pencils as well as painters tape.

Here’s a tip. If you do this, your stems may shift and your “water” will fill with a million tiny bubbles. #TrustMe

These photos clearly show that Quick Water from one box did not make enough water to fill my vase. It was too big for the bottom. If I could do it over again, I would probably mix up another half a box.